Information about Originals

My one of a kind original creations are done with oil paint on stretched canvas.

Frame is included.

Each original piece purchased is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

​​hat is a Giclée?

Fine art giclée reproduction represents the current state-of-the-art technique of fine art printmaking. Utilizing direct digital image capture to digitize the artwork and archival ink printers, giclées provide artists with superior quality reproductions on both canvas and paper, and allows art enthusiasts to purchase and enjoy their favorite art piece at an affordable cost. Giclée is fast becoming the preferred medium for reproduction, outpacing all other fine art reproduction methods. These high quality giclées will last a lifetime with proper care and conditions.

I provide a high quality Limited Edition reproduction of giclees on canvas (100 or 150) per original, in three different sizes but custom sizes are also available as per client's request. This collection of small quantity reproduction ensures and maintains the value of the artwork. 

An even smaller Limited Edition of giclees on Italian paper (50) is now available.  


Hand Embellished Gicleés is another option available to the client.

This gives the piece a personal touch created by the Artist.

Each piece is personally signed and  numbered by the Artist.

Caring for your Artwork

Any artwork, giclée or original, can be vulnerable to the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun or other light sources that emit UV light. Therefore, artwork should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The best types of lighting are halogen and incandescent. High levels of humidity could also damage your artwork. Clean with duster or dry cloth. Never use cleaning chemicals on gicées or original pieces. 


For prices on custom sizes, hand embelished Giclées or framing, please contact me via e-mail:, or 305-498-4328.